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Story of The Revolt: Massing

2022-01-05 RETURN

Greetings, Adventurers!

You may have heard of one of the Four Great Chinese Novels, "Journey to the West", which tells a story of a legendary pilgrimage to the western regions to obtain sacred scripture. But could you imagine if the mission given to Tang Sanzang and his apprentices was a conspiracy?

"Westward", one of the most popular Hong Kong comics adapted by "Journey to the West" in recent years, tells a brand new story after Sanzang has brought the sacred scripture "Eternal Flame" to heaven realm. However, the world didn’t get better. Instead, various gods and demons have waged constant fights for snatching “Eternal Flame”. In order to protect “Eternal Flame” from the evils, Tang Sanzang and other heroes have to start a new journey to return “Eternal Flame” back.

The brand new fantasy online game The Revolt: Massing is the first mobile game set in and authorized by this super hit comic. It is a complete restoration of the comic story, with magnificent 3D illustrated visuals and animations.

Hoping this game bring you to subversive adventure full of incredible oriental fantasy!